I’m Dixie, and here is my story.

When I was young, I never felt accepted.

To increase the odds of finding my place in this world, I sought out every opportunity to belong. I participated in every sport that I could find in an effort to be around people who wanted me around. At that time I believed that acceptance had to be earned.


The career that found me.

I took a job as a receptionist in the mortgage division of a bank. Here, I tried to learn everything there was to know in 2 days. As a result, I was quickly given the opportunity to move into mortgage processing. Here, my desire to be accepted made me more money.


I’m a fixer.

My desire to impress others gained the attention of those in underwriting. I became known as the person who could always find a way to close a loan.


Why not me?

As an underwriter, I was tired of doing other Loan Officer’s jobs, saving their loans, and watching them make all the money. So, I decided to become one.


Failure is not an option.

I finally found something that I was good at. My unwillingness to fail is now used to prevent others from failing.

As a Loan Officer, I am able to help Realtors further their career and clients into their homes without barriers.

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