I help Realtors get their paycheck.


Ranked as one of the top Mortgage Loan Originators in the nation.


An exceptional professional with over twenty-five years in mortgage banking.


Provided over 12,000 families with a mortgage that was specific to their needs.

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You’re a successful Realtor. But,

  • ...You’re sick of walking the deal to the finish line when your Loan Officers should be doing it
  • ...You’re getting tied up in closing current deals when you should be out getting new ones
  • ...You’re tired of closings getting postponed due to Loan Officers not doing their job upfront

You Wonder:


Is there a Loan Officer out there who can see problems before they happen?


Would it be possible to have every loan close on time and as agreed?


How many more deals would I be able to close if I had another Loan Officer?

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Working with us, you don’t have to wonder.

With Dixie Sanders:

  • Your clients get an unforgettable experience that generates future referrals.
  • You work with a lender who never tolerates mediocrity.
  • You’ll have a mortgage team that stands by its partners and does the right thing by its clients.


Dixie Sanders

What if your Loan Officer was an underwriter in a previous life? This was me until I got sick of doing other Loan Officer’s jobs and watching them make all the money.

So, I decided to become one.

Too many Loan Officers are good at making money but bad at writing loans. Our team has mastered both.

Our goal is to say ‘yes’ to every file today or in the future.

“I was a first time home buyer and was new to the process…I had heard so many stories over the years for the closing process…..There was not one issue and we were in and out at the title office in less than 30 min. Had an excellent Experience and would highly recommend this team!”

Mike and Laura

“Love this TEAM!  Holly always does a great job for me and for my son!  Amanda is great too.  If you want people who are personable and go the extra mile for you THIS is your people.”

M Cotton

“Dixie Sanders and her team are awesome! The whole company is great. Holly Joslin has personally done 3 loans for my homes.”

Susana A

“Dixie is one of the best mortgage professionals I know!”

Annmarie Edwards

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